Our Story

Established in 1990, Asia Business Conventions Pte Ltd started off providing secretarial, event management and education services. In 2001, our company decided to create a niche focus on the New Zealand education market due to our increasing exposure and familiarity of the country.

With a change in company direction, we have since renamed ourselves Asia Business and Education LLP, and have created a separate entity, Evanyu LLP to manage our events and marketing activities. Over the years, we have garnered recognition as one of the most reputable and knowledgeable education agency representing New Zealand.

To date, thousands of students have come to us for advice and many of them have been successfully accepted by various New Zealand institutions in pursuing their preferred programmes.  These include: Accountancy, Architecture, Aviation, Business/Commerce, Computing, Dance Studies, Design, Education, Engineering, Finance, Health Science, Information Technology, Landscape Architecture, Law, Medicine, Optometry, Speech & Language Therapy, Sports & Exercise, Veterinary Science, …………. and Zoology etc .

It is always comforting to hear from previous students that many of them have not only completed their studies in their respective fields but also found promising careers in the Land of the Long White Cloud.

Our Passion

We understand pursuing an overseas education can be daunting. Especially so if it’s a country one commonly associates with having more sheep than humans! Most of you probably do not know what to expect of New Zealand, but WE DO. That is why we are here to help you remove the wool over your eyes!

Many asks us, why New Zealand? We say, why not? It is a country which we have had amazing affinity with and our positive experiences have inspired us to share our knowledge with those unfamiliar with New Zealand. Educating people about New Zealand, as well as helping people get educated in New Zealand is what we do with dedicated fervor.

Our Knowledge

In our years of experience in education counseling, we are familiar with the anxieties you may have in making decisions. After all, pursuing a right qualification is likely to be the key to a right career and can be a big step to take. Some of you may already have a clear idea of what you want to be, but for others, things could still be a little hazy. Therefore, we are well-equipped with the education pathways and programs of each institution in order to assist you in making an educated decision.

Our team members have studied, worked or lived in New Zealand, and are able to provide first-hand information about life in New Zealand. Apart from the education system, we are able to share our personal experiences of New Zealand’s food, weather, people and lifestyle. We strongly believe that an overseas education should be more than just an academic pursuit. It should also be a chance for you to immerse in a new culture and gain knowledge beyond the textbooks.